Step by step guide to install Directadmin control panel

1.Before installing directadmin control panel on your server make sure you have purchase the directadmin license and Verify that the server IP address and operating system is correct. Also make sure that the license is Active and Verified .

2.Make sure that you have freshly installed operation system.

Operating system

Operating systems supported by DirectAdmin are listed in the table below.

OS Versions
CloudLinux (recommended)  6.x 32/64-bit, 7.x 64-bit
RedHat Enterprise / CentOS 6.x 32/64-bit, 7.x 64-bit, 8.x 64-bit
Debian 8.x 64-bit, , 9.x 64-bit, 10.x 64-bit (click for Ubuntu)
FreeBSD 11.x 64-bit, 12.x 64-bit

3. Run the pre-install commands before starting the install using the link below. Please select command based on your os.

4. Login as root and download the file


Use “fetch” instead of “wget” on FreeBSD systems.

5.Change permissions on the file

chmod 755

6.Run the script

./ auto

The auto method will be best for most people. It automatically installs everything for you, including the CSF firewall.

It can also be called as ‘./’ without options, which requires input but allows for customization.

Special notice for VPS/VDS installs:

After the install, add the following to /usr/local/directadmin/conf/directadmin.conf:
For example, on many vps systems it will be:
Other systems where the IP is not the base IP on the device, you’d need to simply set the correct number:
Or other systems with the IP on a different device, it might be:
to see which device your IP is in.

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